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Introducing The Roundabout Rental Company, your solution for easy and sustainable children's clothing. For a simple monthly subscription, we deliver a premium box of 21 beautifully crafted, 100% cotton kids' clothes straight to your door. We're proud to collaborate with ethical brands like Kite, Little Green Radicals, DUNS Sweden, Maxomorra, The Simple Folk, and Pigeon Organics to bring you a full capsule wardrobe for your child. As your little ones grow, or as the seasons change, or when it's simply time for a refresh, you can swap your box with ease, with free delivery and returns. Plus, we take laundry off your hands when you swap out your box. The Roundabout Rental Company merges convenience with conscious living,
offering continuous variety for your child's wardrobe while making life a
bit easier and significantly more sustainable.

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